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The point of ageing at home is to stay independent and in the familiar environment we know and love. However, if the quality of daily life begins to deteriorate we must make the appropriate changes necessary to bring back the dignity and functionality of life. A bit of planning and modifying, changing, and getting extra in-home care assistance where necessary will do a lot to maintain the quality of life seniors deserve while living in their own home. Another key to helping the elderly age well at home is to stay social and active and do the things they love.   To make all of this possible we have started Elderly Care Services in Kolkata – The ProxyChild – Khayal Apno Ka.

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24/7 Emergency helpline Service
Now get a 24/7 Emergency helpline Service for Senior Citizen in Kolkata for just Rs. 999/- per annum.
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Care for your parents

 Most senior citizens, especially when they are getting old and they need someone by their side to manage their everyday task, when their children are staying far away for work or study. As a result, they compromise on their needs and lifestyle in-spite of financial independence. Parents today feels helpless, cheated and frustrated with current technological changes and biased advising by Medical or Financial consultants.“THE PROXY CHILD” provides an alternate child with trusted, family quality care to the senior citizens and elderly where they live, through our own care consultants and managers.

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Mr. Sharma just found The Proxychild as his best friend
Mr. Choudhury has Started living his life again...
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Why The Proxy Child

The Proxy Child started with people having issues with taking care of their Parents due to physical distance. Now-a-days with corporate jobs it’s a challenge to maintain both personal and professional life at equal level, taking care and spending time with Parents has been a growing challenge for most of us.

The Proxy Child was launched to take care of this major issue in the lives of people staying away from their parents. Major reason for NRI leaving their booming career abroad and returning to India is to take care of Parents, with this service people can stay put with current professional life and exercise this option as a PROXY for them in India. Every child wants to be a part of their parents ‘journey’. We understand the needs of senior citizens and aims to improve their quality of life



Our mission is to help people who feel stressed, worried, sad, and fearful that they cannot look after their parents due to physical distance. THE PROXY CHILD aims to be the support system for all ageing parents who live by themselves. We assist the elderly in health, emergency, and daily care.  The organisation provides physical and emotional care for senior citizens and work towards engaging them in social gatherings.