The objective of Emergency Care is to even out the instant circumstances with accurate attention and provision. Proxy Child delivers an arrangement of Emergency Care assistance in Kolkata so that your parents are prepared to confront the complications. Contingent on the rigorousness of the emergency, our well-trained associates will denote you to explicit medicinal remedies.

Emergency care assistance in kolkata


Ambulance Assistance

Proxy Child has equipped their team members to provide Emergency support for the elderly people to deliver instant attention. We make certain that the Ambulances are well-appointed with progressive gears and are accessible during crisis.

Non Medical Emergency

Our establishment comprehends that crises are not only associated to medical. Non-medical emergencies such as the requirement of a wheelchair at a definite location or transportation aid to a memorial service are also vital and will be delivered by us straightway.

Concurrent Updates

Anxiety attacks are normal when someone we are acquainted with is facing an emergency circumstance. Our crew recognises this and in the course of an emergency state of affairs delivers you with dependable immediate updates associated with the emergency problem.

Medical Emergency Assistance

Emergency care plans for your parents with precise wellbeing caution requirements are made post health reporting. Our care manager converses with you, your parents and the doctor to regulate a precise care plan for any medical emergencies that may happen.