HEALTH CARE Assistance

The key fragment of our facilities includes Healthcare assistance services for elderly. In case of hospitalisation our services takes care of the transportation, paperwork as well as the discharge formalities. Our annual health support a yearly medical checkup, home appointments, surgery scheduling, home nursing facilities, care taker facilities, physiotherapy and several other additional facilities.

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Yearly Medical Inspection

Proxy child retains a track record of your parent’s medical checkup through automated electronic devices such as mobile reminders and calendar’s. The annual checkup will be kept as a reminder so that they can renew the service every year on

Scheduling Doctor Visits

It is our responsibility to find out your parents health problem and search the rightly matched doctor for his/her treatment along with an appointment.

Discounts Assessments

Proxy child realizes that healthcare charges are high now a day. For your benefit we have amalgamated with different healthcare divisions to certify an attractive discount in the bill.

Physiotherapy service at residence

With aging and old age physical problem escalates and it can be deadly and serious. There are likelihoods of a sudden chest pain, frozen shoulder, or any other lethal emergency that demands immediate consideration for an instant relief.Intimation from your end through our customer service will incur you a facility to get a medical help at your residence. We will provide you a specialist in physiotherapy who will be addressing all your needs.

Sending Reminders on time

A spontaneous automatic reminder will be given to your parents so that they don’t overlook to take their medications on time. Our reminder services will be given on a number of services like doctor’s appointment on the required time, monthly medicine requirements and payment of premium for the medical insurances.

Fixing Doctor Appointments at home

The Proxy Child realizes that with old age people face a lot of distress and travelling is one of the major cause. With our understanding of this difficult
situation our services are designed in a way that the entire process of contacting and organizing doctor’s visit at residence is done by our care managers.

Second Opinions

Conditions when your parent’s health involves surgery, Proxy child makes sure that you and your parents can go for a second opinion so that you can recognize the circumstance in a better way. You can assist a session with the hospital in which you can decide the cost and well-being.

Nanny Service

An elder person needs continuous care and devotion, in such cases we take no chances. We give a constant effort in knowing and understanding the temperament and mind set of your parents. As per their requirement we try to match them with a convenient home stay nurse to take care of them.

Medicine delivery provision at residence

Medicines are an integral part of an elder person and it is difficult for them to go out and buy medicines regularly. The Proxy Child as a service provider of elderly home health care delivers assistance with an updated medical report of your parents. At times of emergency your parents will be guided and nursed with the medical process and supplies right at their own door step.

Surgery Planning

Arranging a surgery without a caretaker in old age is an immense task. We make certain that your parents can go through the surgery process easily and effortlessly. Our major concern is to deliver assistance for the complete process of surgery so that, they can undergo the process devoid of any additional strain. We want to deliver a complete blissful life to you and your parents. We can take every extra step that is required and desirable for your benefit.