Home Care Assistance Services

Apart from our complete assistance on health care we care about the day-to-day continuing process of your parents. There are several daily domestic works that are taken into contemplation. The proxy child equips their team to deliver a complete Home Care Assistance Services in Kolkata to help you at your door step.

home care assistance service in kolkata

Home Care Assistance for Senior Citizens INCLUDES FOLLOWING SERVICES

Organizing Home renovation and conservation

Our home renovation and conservation service takes into consideration of a number provisions interrelated to repair and maintenance of a household. Our organization takes care and ensures you with a number of services which includes scrubbing, dusting, washing, vacuuming, and checkup of electronics.

Organizing Plumbing, Electrician, carpenter facilities

We know supervising a household is a wearisome process and it entails a regular and periodical repair and conservation of all the equipment’s. Proxy child takes caution for the maintenance by organizing plumber, electrician and carpenter services at your door step at any necessary time.

Food Delivery

With old age it is a mind-numbing task to cook and take care of the household responsibilities simultaneously. It is our duty to simplify this job by providing food delivery facilities for your parents at their doorstep so that they can relish the food and enjoy the taste within their comfort zone.

Teaching the basics of Internet & Smart Devices

Our parents belonging to an older generation is not much aware of the present technology but our current generation is administered by technology. As per your parents need to make a Skype call or browsing internet our care managers will provide training on the procedure of using the Internet or any other smart devices.


There might be prerequisite of transportation services as your parents might require urgency or need to travel from one point to another. Keeping this in mind we facilitate a cab booking facility. Proxy child assist your parents with a stress free

New fittings or fixings at home

As we all know that a household needs a relentless devotion and consideration. On the inception of different seasons people start necessitating and demanding new equipment’s for their own well-being and relaxation. Proxy child provides a complete service of all the electrical devices.

Grocery Supply

At this old age we understand that it is a tough job for your parents to visit the supermarket on a daily basis. Our care managers will take the concern for the delivery of cost effective and quality grocery products at your doorstep.

Placing Home Cleaning Facilities

A hygienic household is a contented household. At old age our parents entangles a lot of complications at preserving the sanitation and hygiene at their home environment Proxy child looks after the requirement and connects you with a well-resourced housework team who will make your household look clean and presentable.

Arranging consistent maid services

A household has a number of burdens for daily work we take care of this burden by arranging maid services to your parents.

Shopping Assistance

As we all know that since ages shopping has been a great therapy for monotony. In order to break the old age dullness and boredom our team will accompany your parents to nearest malls or markets as per their demands so that they can feel the taste of shopping without anxiety.