Other Care

There could be an unforeseen event and there could be a possibility that you cannot come to their assistance when necessary. You may time and again aspire that there was somebody to bung up in your shoes to take caution of all the precise requirements of your parents. Proxy Child guarantees comprehensive expert care supervising your parents’ necessities.

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Other Care Includes Following Services

Health and Travel Insurance

Difficulties can originate at several periods in your life. Whether your parents are at their household or nomadic to a traveller residence, our firm supports you to be equipped by providing your parents the essential well-being and travel insurance facilities.

Property Organization Aid

Our Care Managers also take care of wide-ranging belongings supervision for NRIs amenities such as rent payment gathering, property scrutiny, rental property supervision etc. and certify that you and your parents stay well knowledgeable about the charge in hand.

Visa, Passport, Ticketing

If your parents prerequisite to travel to any new whereabouts, they might want support with visa, passport, and tickets. Our Care Managers are well-resourced to report all their traveling prerequisites.

Positioning Religious Requirements

The Otherworldly and pious desires of your parents are also taken care of by organising pundits and puja amenities at their household.

Ordering Splendor/Grooming Services

Proxy Child provides services from various beauty shops to offer your parents with beauty salon worth treatments right at their door step.

Laundry Services

Our Care Managers make certain that they organise you the experts in washing and housework services. They also guarantee that the procedure materialises efficiently on both ends.

Literature Care

Reading is a relaxing practice and our Care Managers guarantee that your parents’ demand for books are gratified and often enable library appointments so that they are contented with their reading resources.

Health & Travel Insurance services

Troubles can come at any time in your life. Whether your parents’ are at their house or travelling to a tourist place. Our company helps you to be prepared by providing you health and travel insurance services.

Arranging Legal Services

Proxy Child has a well-trained and cultured squad that could support your parents with any kind of Lawful and protection facilities. They make sure that your parents’ choice is taken into contemplation beforehand every accomplishment.