We all believe that our babyhood is unforgettable. Our contemplation for our childhood evokes a remembrance of myriads of memories containing affection, adoration and protection. We can fathom the grief of residing away from parents owing to obligatory situations and conditions. We are here to deliver your parents a worry free setting and atmosphere.

The old age chapter of life is a challenging phase. This phase demands a persistent requirement for support to accomplish the daily routine task like bill payments, on time medication, doctor’s visit or some household chores. Are you visualising someone to take care of your parents just like you did? Our team is here to accomplish your dream.

THE PROXY CHILD progressed with a remarkable assignment of conveying harmony, reconciliation and contentment to every single ageing people residing in INDIA. We deliver a substitute child who is trustworthy and cautious elderly care consultants or managers. Our key aim is to provide emotional sustenance to your parents. We carefully choose people who are sympathetic, empathetic and effortlessly sociable.