Our values

Relocation has been a major fact of concern now a day. An enormous number of Indians are migrating every year for many reasons like advanced edification, rewarding occupations, improved existence and many more. A closer passage towards our objectives makes our dreams interlaced with accomplishment. In the process we dispense all our glitches, but at the same time overlook the perceptive point of parting from our paramount treasures, our parents and leaving them back in homeland.

Our parents being our guardian angel would ponder for our advancement and improvement but behind their joyful exterior and broad grins would lay a saga of solitude, nervousness, distress and insecurity. The children being hundreds and thousands of miles away from their parent also suffer from great deal of fearfulness when the periods of major illness and emergency sets in. Distance can never aid need of near ones in times of illness.

Other meek tasks and humdrum errands includes a number of works like going to bank, standing in line for a gas cylinder or paying a bill develops a number of challenge. A visit to doctor becomes an affliction. NRI parents are mostly reliant on fellow residents, kinsfolks and associates who are not agreeable to take the concern and obligation that their own child would have taken. Here come our roles and values for you difficulties.

THE PROXY CHILD is progressed with a remarkable assignment of conveying harmony, reconciliation and contentment to every single aging people residing in India. We deliver a substitute child who is trustworthy and cautious elderly care consultants or managers. Our key aim is to provide emotional sustenance to your parents. We carefully choose people who are sympathetic, empathetic and effortlessly sociable.