Payment Care

Circumstances like lack of funds can often arise when your parents will not be able to meet the expenditures, particularly when you are far away from them. In such conditions it is challenging to grip the situation devoid of any proper emergency strategies. During these emergency situations we often aspire for a helping hand who can take care and address this major issues in times of crisis. Proxy Child keeping in mind the problem of such crisis has shaped an ideal way out for your assistance concerning to this delinquency.

Payment Care Includes Following Services

Looking After the Utility Bills

Utility bills are sent very once in a month and it fluctuates from month to month depending on one’s consumption. It is Proxy Child’s work to direct repeated reminders for your bill payments and with your consents, guarantees payment of all bills such as water, gas or electricity.

Creating Prepaid Account to Accomplish Every Day Expenses

It is our duty to properly manage the daily expenses that happen in your parent’s life. It is the responsibility of Proxy Child to uphold a prepaid account to safeguard sufficient cash flow when prerequisite.

Cash Supervision Facility

Proxy Child arranges for a cash supervision facility online. A well-trained finance management team studies about your parents expenditures and accomplishes the cash flow appropriately.