Senior Care services (Leisure Care)

It is very significant for a retired person to retain and engage themselves with some or the other activities so that they can tip a contented and vigorous lifestyle. As, we all know that a work environment bids a lot of pressure and anxiety for an extended period of time. Our objective should be steady yet simple to retain our parent’s a happier life. We provide complete senior care service (Leisure care) in Kolkata.

senior care services in kolkata

Senior Care services (Leisure Care) INCLUDES FOLLOWING

Organizing Family Occasions

With age comes the loneliness and solitude. You may often notice that in your absence your parents are searching for a quality friend with whom they can devote and employ some quality time. We Proxy child keeping this point in mind depute our team of care managers who organize different meetings and events so that your parents can spend some quality time with their closed ones.

Arranging Picnics and Wellness Undertakings

A monotonous routine lifestyle always leaves your parents with a feeling of grief and discontent. Our Care Managers recognizes and realizes the necessity of Engagement activities for your parents. They organize a number of wellness and lively activities like picnics, events and get together to give your parents the liberty from monotony.

Guided / Aided Day Excursions

It often comes into notice that the senior people often feel alone and anxious about leaving the house to acquire some healthy-fresh air. Our Care Managers will be delighted and happy to accompany them out for a stroll. You can stay at ease knowing that your parents will be escorted and attended in every step of the way.

Organizing Surprise Occasions or Events

Proxy child takes the accountability of organizing amusing events for your parents. It is our responsibility to create their birthday or Anniversary in a special manner. We will guarantee that the events will happen in such a way that they could rejoice life every single moment.

Spending Relaxing Time by Playing Indoor Games

With old age comes a lot of free time and more of unnecessary thoughts crop up as their life revolves around monotony and solitude. To break the chore of monotony in your parent’s life, the care manager would spend time and play various indoor games with them.